Anastasia (Asia) Tonti Kimbler

Anastasia Tonti Kimbler
Anastasia (Asia) Tonti Kimbler
MPHM Graduate
Retail garden center

MPHM Graduate, 2014

Project: For Asia's project, she developed and delivered educational prorgramming on pest and disease management and related timely topics for Master Gardeners and homeowners.

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Education: BS Landscape Horticulture, Ohio State

Before I started the program: Gaining experience in nursery retail establishments, working for The Anderson's Inc.

Interests/Focus Area: I really enjoy learning about plant pathology and Integrated Pest Management, especially organic and "environmentally sound" methods of management. 

Why I entered the program: I started taking graduate classes for this program Autumn 2012 and entered the MPHM program in Spring 2013. I really wanted to go for a graduate degree but due to certain aspects of my life, I didn't have the time to commit to a research degree. When this program was established, it was like it was made for me.

Career Goals: I would like to be involved in public and/or student outreach to extend my knowledge to the public and especially to help homeowners understand what they can do for themselves and the environment within their own home.

Hobbies: Soccer, running, reading, vegetable gardening/experimenting, hiking, teaching my daughter about science and the world….