Ethan Smrtnik

Ethan Smrtnik
Ethan Smrtnik
MPHM Graduate
Asst. Manager, Waterman Farms Operations, Ohio State Columbus

MPHM project: Ethan Smrtnik worked with Dain Bruns of Syngenta in Ohio.  He helped test new technology for soil sampling for soybean cyst nematode.  Ethan is currently assistant manager of  Waterman Farm Operations on the Columbus campus, where he manages the facility for farm research and education.  Waterman Farm projects includes dairy management and research, turfgrass science, entomology, ecological engineering, agricultural systems management, sustainable agriculture, food science, agronomic and horticultural production practices.

MPHM Project

Comparison of soil sampling methods for estimating population
densities of Heterodera glycines cysts. E Smirtnik, T Niblack, P Paul, AE Dorrance, D Bruns. Plant Health Progress (2016) 17, 167-171


Master in Plant Health Management, Ohio State
BS Agriculture, Animal Science, Ohio State

Ethan Smrtnik