Prof Development & Other Courses

A distinguishing feature of a professional science master's degree is the incorporation of professional development and related courses.

PLNTPTH - Plant Pathology                       ENTMLGY - Entomology
HCS - Horticulture and Crop Science          ENR - Environment and Natural Resources
EEOB - Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology   AEE - Agricultural Extension and Education
AEDECON - Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics

Electives (approved by advisor)  
AEDECON 4310: Environmental and Resource Economics, 3 credits  
AEDECON 4330: The Sustainable Economy: Concepts and Methods, 3 credits  
AEDECON 4597.01: Problems and Policies in World Population, Food, and Environment, 3 credits  
AEDECON 5250: Commodity Futures and Options Markets, 2 credits  
AEDECON 5330: Benefit Cost Analysis, 3 credits  
AEDECON 6010: Applied  Economics I, 4 credits  
AEDECON 6020: Applied  Economics II, 4 credits  
AEE 7230:  Strategic and Program Planning for Visionary Change, 3 credits  
AEE 7300: Advanced Teaching Methods, 3 credits  
AEE 7320: Adult Learning and Professional Development, 3 credits  
AEE 7700:  Documenting Change through Evaluation and Accountability, 3 credits  
AEE 8420:  Leadership and Administration in Agriculture and Extension Education, 3 credits  
AEE 8735: Methods in Teaching Agriculture, 2 credits  
EEOB 5460: Physiological Ecology (Study of the physiological adjustment, tolerance and acclimatizion to the abiotic and biotic environment by animals and plants) 3 credits  
ENR 5265: Characterization of Soil in Field and Laboratory Sampling, 2 credits  
HCS 5602: The Ecology of Agriculture, 3 credits  
HCS 7625:  Plant Breeding and Biotechnology, 3 credits  
HCS 7821: Environmental Physiology of Managed Plant Systems, 3 credits  
Advanced Statistics Course, such as PLNTPTH 5550: Quantitative Methods for Agricultural Scientists, 3 credits