Pesticide Science


Online class.  Offered: Autumn

Exploration of pesticide toxicology and practical use; modes of action in target organisms, regulations, application methods, environmental fate, resistance management, and use in integrated pest management programs.

Necessary Equipment

  • Computer: current Mac (OS X) or PC (Windows 7+) with high-speed internet connection
  • Digital camera or scanner, with ability to upload images online


Dr. Celeste Welty, Associate Professor of Entomology
Phone: 614-292-2803

Dr. Reed Johnson, Assistant Professor of Entomology
Phone: 330-263-3523


O’Connor-Marer, Patrick J.  2000.  The Safe and Effective Use of Pesticides, 2nd Edition. Univ. California, Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program, Agric. and Natural Resources, Publication 3324.

Ware, George. 2004. The Pesticide Book, 6th edition, Meister Media Worldwide.

Course Modules and Selected Topics

  • Introductory concepts
  • Pesticide classification and mode of action (Insecticides, herbicides, fungicides)
  • Pesticide regulations and safety (regulations, labeling, registration, formulations, safety)
  • Pesticide application methods (application equipment, rate calculations)
  • Procedures for evaluating pesticides (bioassays, field efficacy testing, fate and effects of selected classes, degradation of residues by weathering)
  • Use of pesticides within IPM programs  (pesticide selectivity for beneficial organisms, pollinators, transgenic crops, factors that mitigate toxicity, resistance, crop profiles, organic agriculture, the EIQ concept, trends in pesticide use)