MPHM, MS or PhD?

Is MPHM the right degree for you? 

It largely depends on your career goals.  MPHM is a professional degree, ideally suited for those interested in plant health and related careers in industry, Extension, government or the private sector.

The MPHM is a terminal degree should not be considered a stepping stone for transferring into a research MS or PhD. If you are interested in research and/or higher education (research technician, university faculty, college-level educator, e.g.), the MS and PhD graduate degree programs are recommended.

Approximate time for the MPHM program is 1.5-2 years full-time.  The MS degree will take approximately 2-2.5 years and the PhD 5+ years to complete.

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Gather Information

Explore your opportunities to find out what degree program is best suited for you.  Examine job postings, program and employer websites, and talk to people - faculty, employers and employees in fields of interest, and students.

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