Costs & Financial Support

Estimated Tuition/Fees Per Semester

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Online program students taking DL courses
All students (resident, nonresident, international) enrolled in MPHM-Online and taking exclusively Distance Learning (DL) courses will be assessed the Ohio in-state resident tuition rate: Instructional Fees, General Fees, and a Distance education surcharge ($100) and a ($200) non-resident surcharge.

Financial SUPPORT

Student loans and other types of financial aid administered by Ohio State:

U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply for government-sponsored loans. Applicants should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 1 each year to be considered for federal loan programs, which typically have low, fixed interest rates and good repayment options

Ohio State's Tuition Option Payment Plan - tuition/fee and other costs are divided into installments:


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University Fellowships

Most graduate fellowship awards provide a monthly stipend, payment of resident and non-resident fees, and subsidy of student health insurance. Graduate fellowships are limited in number and are awarded on a competitive basis each year to applicants who show outstanding scholarly accomplishment and exceptional potential for graduate study.

To be eligible for fellowship consideration, applicants must submit GRE scores in addition to the required application materials.   Students do not apply for the fellowships themselves; applicants are nominated for fellowships by the MPHM program.  No separate application is necessary, we evaluate all applications for fellowship conisderation.  Applicants may also indicate on the application if they wish to be considered for university fellowships.

Eligibility requirements for the University Fellowship (UF) competition

  • 3.6 / 4.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA (or equivalent on another scale)
  • Domestic and international students are eligible
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Eligibility requirements for the Graduate Enrichment (GE) competition

The intent of the Graduate Enrichment Fellowship program is to recruit individuals who will bring diversity to the Graduate School. The Graduate School considers diversity to be a broadly defined concept. Examples of features of an applicant’s file that could satisfy this criterion include, but are not limited to, ethnic background, social or economic disadvantage, nominee status as a McNair Scholar, disability, or other characteristics or attributes that may contribute to the diversity of the Graduate School.

If you wish to be considered for a Graduate Enrichment fellowship, you should discuss in your Statement of Intent how your unique experiences have contributed to your growth, development and career aspirations.

Graduate Enrichment fellowships provide a monthly stipend, academic tuition and fees for the fellow’s first year of graduate study, and a subsidy of 85% of the student health insurance premiums. Graduate Enrichment fellowships are nonrenewable and restricted to U.S. citizens.

  • 3.2 / 4.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA (or equivalent on another scale)
  • Graduate Enrichment Fellowship restricted to U.S. citizens
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Deadlines for fellowship consideration (Admission in Autumn term)
International applicants - typically late November for admission the following Autumn (for fellowship applications only, we can accept applications throughout the year pending deadlines)
Domestic applicants - typically mid-December for admission the following Autumn (for fellowship applications only, we can accept applications throughout the year pending deadlines)
Application deadlines are listed with Graduate and Professional Admissions