There is a Strong Job Outlook

Plant Health Management encompasses sustainable agriculture, biotechnology, food science, environmental science and natural resource management, with a strong job outlook in all areas.  Emerging technologies in biobased materials and energy, and growing trends in organic agriculture and locally grown foods are also shaping workforce needs.  View > Bureau of Labor Statistics (Agricultural and Food Scientists)

53,500 qualified graduates will be available for about 54,400 jobs annually the agricultural and food systems, renewable energy and the environment
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News article, "The horticulture industry's age problem is bigger than you think" by Adrian Higgins, Aug. 5, 2018, Washington Post 

Article, "Best Career Options in Agriculture" The Balance Careers, 2019

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New Areas of Opportunity

Trends in small-scale, local food production and organic farming are creating new business opportunities.  Invasive species and new, emerging pests will require professionals with specialized expertise to address these challenges.

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