"Agriculture and agbioscience are directly relevant to finding solutions to key challenges facing the U.S. and the world"

Video: Anne Dorrance, MPHM Graduate Studies Co-Chair, on the employer demand in plant health careers

1. There is a Strong Job Outlook

Plant Health Management encompasses sustainable agriculture, biotechnology, food science, environmental science and natural resource management, with a strong job outlook in all areas.  Emerging technologies in biobased materials and energy, and growing trends in organic agriculture and locally grown foods are also shaping workforce needs.  View > Bureau of Labor Statistics (Agricultural and Food Scientists)

53,500 qualified graduates will be available for about 54,400 jobs annually the agricultural and food systems, renewable energy and the environment
View  USDA report > Employment Opportunities for College Graduates

2. Very Low Unemployment Rates in Agriculture and Natural Resources

Agriculture and natural resources are among the fields with the lowest unemployment rates - lower than business, engineering, law, and several others.  Read the report > Hard Times (Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce)

3. Agriculture/Food Processing - No Stronger Sector for Recruiting

"No stronger sector appears stronger than agriculture/food processing with an increase of hires of approximately 14 percent . . ." Recruiting Trends 2011-2012, Collegiate Employment Research Institute, Michigan State University (Phil Gardner) > View website report (pdf)

4. Vital to Economic Growth and Job Creation

Agriculture and modern agbiosciences represent a scientific and economic sector, particularly in the North-Central U.S. (including Ohio),  where "farms and industries employ almost 2.4 million people with an economic output of $125 billion and pay, on average, $2,600 more per job than the average pay level for other private sector workers in the region."
> Power and Promise: Agbioscience in the North Central United States (Battelle Institute 2011)

5. New Areas of Opportunity

Trends in small-scale, local food production and organic farming are creating new business opportunities.  Invasive species and new, emerging pests will require professionals with specialized expertise to address these challenges.

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